Residential Painters Suggestions for Selecting Interior Color Schemes


When choosing new interior paint colors, don’t rush. Color strongly affects people’s moods, so it’s important to make mindful decisions that are grounded in a clear understanding of the aesthetic and the mood that you’re hoping to cultivate.

These tips will help you choose great color schemes for your projects:

  1. Follow Pinterest boards dedicated to interior design. Take a look at the photos you have pinned, and see whether you can detect any patterns in the pictures that will reveal your preferences. For example, do many of the rooms you are drawn to have boldly colored walls, or are most of them painted in neutral colors? You can see our Pinterest boards here!
  2. Pay attention to each room’s unique characters and functions. Interior painters suggest considering color schemes for rooms that use different, but closely-related colors for the walls and the trim. Alternatively, consider using the same color, but in different textures. Try a matte finish for the walls and semi-glossy paint for the trim.
  3. Home painters suggest considering paint that echoes colors that are already in your home in paintings, furniture, or accent pieces.
  4. Don’t make quick decisions in the store. Instead, bring home paint chips, and use these as guides for aesthetic decisions. Pay attention to the lighting schemes you use while exploring options – different lighting set ups can affect color perception differently.
  5. The residential painting experts at some home-improvement stores will mix inexpensive paint samples to match your paint chips or fabrics. Create and use these samples to paint small sections of walls, and observe how the colors look during different times of the day and at night.

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