Joshua Carter

Joshua Carter said excellent experience! professional and knowledgeable staff the crew was excellent and courteous while painting the home. I have to say it was a pleasure experience and they did a great job in... read more

Karen Therman, Dublin

As Nathan dug into the dry rot, he kept us informed as to the extent of the problem and the possible solutions, so that we could come up with what was best for our situation.  He went to a lot of trouble to get the right siding to replace the old, which we greatly... read more

Kimberly Hval, San Ramon

The painters arrived on time, did a great job painting and took care to patch some cracks in the walls that had come with the house settling over time. They cleaned everything up nicely and pushed the furniture back into place before they... read more

Lee Moreton, Hayward

We had two bedrooms that had textured walls that we wanted to be made flat and repainted. We received a number of quotes and there’s was by far the cheapest, but we had heard good things about Colorblast. The project went smoothly and the team working on the... read more

Joshua Carter, Oakland

Excellent experience! Professional and knowledgeable staff. Jose was excellent and courteous while painting the home. I have to say it was a pleasureable experience and they did a great job! -Joshua... read more

Ana Chairez, Oakland

Nathan and his team at Colorblast painted our home this month (May 2016). The project took a bit over a week (mostly due to weather). One of the things I truly appreciated about Colorblast is that they were always communicating with me to ensure I knew the status of... read more

Fred Morrison, Hayward

I signed a contract first part of December for them to start in January – rain and completing other jobs delayed the start time. I had a deadline of March 1st – relatives coming for my daughters wedding. Even though they started late they completed the job... read more

Adele Christensen, Livermore

Colorblast Painting was among the six exterior painting companies that provided estimates for painting our house. Nathan Martinez, the owner of the company, examined the house, explained our options, and pointed out items that needed attention. He was very... read more

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