As the Seasons Start to Change, Consider Painting or Staining Your Deck


As earth toned leaves fall on the ground and nights become cooler, the advent of winter is right around the corner. If you enjoyed summer bbq’s, twilight dinners, pool parties, campfires or other social events in your backyard, your yard may be ready for some maintenance and deck staining. Food spills and foot traffic can cause common wear and tear on your deck. Be sure to repair any cracks or loose screws before winter weather exacerbates the damage. To keep your deck in top condition, perform the following maintenance on your deck ASAP:

Give it a Deep Clean

Dirt and residue can get trapped in the wood, and if you let it linger in the cracks all winter, it will be harder to remove the stains when spring comes around. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean your deck before winter sets in. Pressure washers can spray away the dirt and grime, just be careful that it’s not too powerful since they can cause splinters in the wood when used incorrectly. If you don’t want to use a pressure washer (we are in a drought) simply scrub the deck down with a brush and wash away with your hose. Avoid using commercial cleaners with bleach since they can fade the color of your stain (or ruin your paint). Cleaning your deck is a lot of work, so if this sounds daunting, contact Danville Deck Restoration professionals to help.

Protect Your Deck From Moisture

DIY home painters understand the importance of applying a protective finish or topcoat to painted walls, furniture and other things. The same is true for decks. Moisture like dew, rain, snow, and ice and can cause splitting and cracking. A water-repellent finish will protect your deck from these natural elements. Clear water repellents can add a protective coat without altering the color of your deck. A product like Oleum Premium Water Sealer should protect your deck for up to three years. Rust-Oleum Premim Deck and Fence Stain, which is available in various colors and backed by a 10-year satisfaction guaranteed, can provide a more robust form of protection.

Hire Bay Area Deck Staining Professionals to Ensure the Job is Done Correctly

For more information on maintaining your deck, or to have your deck expertly serviced, contact the Bay Area house painting company Colorblast Painting. Call (510) 827-9763 today, or fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation.