Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen


When choosing the interior paint color for any room, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. (Author Barry Schwartz explored this phenomenon in depth in his excellent book, The Paradox of Choice.) Although you can choose virtually any color for your kitchen, some colors may work better than others in this space. Below are some of the kitchen paint colors that are most often selected and used by interior painters.

1. White
White is a popular choice among homeowners, especially for small kitchens. Painting walls white can make the kitchen feel larger and more open. White is also a versatile shade that meshes well aesthetically with most cabinets and counter-top choices.

2. Warm Shades
Warm shades, such as yellow, orange or umber, are believed to stimulate the appetite. Thus, they are considered appropriate for the kitchen. (Of course, if you’re seeking to curb your appetite for fattening starchy foods, you might want to choose a different course of action!)

3. Blue
Clean, crisp and invigorating, blue is a common choice among home painters designing kitchens. In fact, surveys suggest that blue may be the single most popular color (in general) among people for reasons that evolutionary biologists still hotly debate. Blue can be used for cabinets and walls, but it should be used sparingly for the best effect.

Still need help deciding on a Colorfor you Kitchen?

We’ve explored just a handful of colors that might be appropriate for your kitchen. Absent context, however, it can be challenging to make a decision or even research further. Consider your options, compare various shades and decide on the color that works best with your overall design plan.  The Colorblast Painting team has been helping Bay Area homeowners like you enjoy dazzling, simple, cost effective painting solutions for years.  With our experience working on homes in Pleasanton, Danville, Castro Valley, and beyond, you can be confident in Colorblast Painting’s professional house painting services. Explore our online portfolio then email us via our online contact form or call (510) 827-9763 to set up a consultation for your next home painting project!