Get Clever with Color Accents.

Once upon a time, painting was painting and decorating was decorating. But not today! The two have merged, thanks to inspired, color-conscious home designers. Imaginative use of wall paints employing accents, stripes, designs and even murals, plus unusual and ingenious trim colors for woodwork, windows, doors, molding and more, have let the creative cat out of the bag. Viewing these inventive painting techniques just may inspire you, too.

Wall Stripes


Horizontal wall stripes make rooms look more expansive and more welcoming. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, should be used sparingly to accent a specific area or attract the eye.



Who says it has to match the wall color or be white? Darker shades for baseboard and crown molding, chair rail and shelving, act as distinctive framing and impart richness to the space.

Window Treatments


Painting window sash and sill in complementary or even strikingly different colors adds definition to the room and provides a more distinctive look. Curtains, blinds, and drapes can consequently be a bit less expansive and expensive.



The sky’s the limit when you apply creativity to ceilings. Bedrooms especially benefit from treatments that are whimsical.



Stencils allow walls to be painted with accurate repeat patterns that customize and personalize. Themes run the range from symbolic to monogram to watermarks.



Warming up the look and feel of your fireplace is a task that thoughtful paint color selection can achieve quickly and completely.