3 Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Paint Colors


When decorating any space in your Bay Area home, consider both paint color and lighting to ensure an ideal aesthetic. The right colors and lighting choices can enhance your home and improve your enjoyment of the space, while the wrong choices may ruin the appeal of the room. Below are three questions to ponder before you hire home painters or pick out lighting fixtures.

1. How do I want this room to feel?

Do you want the room to feel cozy or spacious? If you’re aiming for a cozy feel, ask your interior painters to use warm colors. If you want a light, spacious feel, opt for lighter neutral colors, instead. Likewise, cozy rooms in general should have soft incandescent lighting, while spacious rooms with neutral colors are compatible with virtually any type of lighting. Ask your designer to show you examples, so you can understand these concepts in more concrete terms.

2. What kind of sunlight should enter the space?

Sunlight can affect the appearance of colors. For example, north-facing rooms receive cool, bluish light, while east-facing rooms receive yellow light in the morning and blue light later in the day. Strong, vibrant colors will be enhanced by bluish light, while reds, oranges and yellows perform best in yellow light.

3. Have I experimented with various colors?

Before you give final instructions to your residential painting company, experiment with various colors by bringing home samples and viewing them in the space. Look at the sample at different times throughout the day to evaluate the effect of sunlight, and use different types of lightbulbs to find the best artificial lighting option.

Still need help painting all the rooms in your home?

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