Easy Kitchen Update: Reface, Refinish or (Re)Paint the Cabinets


Refacing or refinishing your cabinets is an easy and cost effective way to makeover your kitchen without giving it a full remodel. Having your cabinets professionally refaced costs half the amount of a full replacement, and DIY home painters could save even more money by cutting down on labor costs. In addition, cabinet refinishing can be accomplished in less than a week, and you will still have the ability to use your kitchen during the remodeling process. The options for cabinet refinishing are limitless – giving you the chance to really put your creativity to use. With the different variations available, there are enough options to satisfy anyone’s stylistic preference or taste.

Cabinet veneers come in all sorts of colors, patterns, textures, grains, and can easily be mixed and matched. For low costs options, consider rigid thermo foil doors, which contain a durable plastic coating over fiberboard. These are more affordable alternatives to wood or laminate doors. Plastic laminates are also great alternatives and come in hundreds of colors and patterns. These durable refinishes are moisture-resistant and moderately priced.

Real wood veneers come in some varieties like oak, cherry, maple, but can be stained into many different colors. Wood veneers are the most expensive choice, and must be carefully sealed to protect against water damage.

Although options for cabinet refinishing are endless, cabinet refacing is not a good choice for every situation. If your cabinets are worn out and run down, it is better to replace them completely. In addition, metal cabinets that are rusting, or cabinets that are off kilter from structural deficiencies or house settling, should not be refinished. In these cases cabinets need to be completely replaced with brand new cabinets. This will cost considerably more than refacing the cabinets, but will be the best option for your kitchen in the long run.

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