Quality Exterior Paint That Lasts & Resists The Elements


If your Bay Area home’s outside needs a fresh coat of paint, you will want to shop for and use a quality paint that will last, so you won’t have to re-paint the job or “spot paint” to correct for environmentally induced wear and tear. Many homeowners only paint the exteriors of their homes at the 11th hour. On some level, this makes sense. We’re all busy and overtaxed. However, if you do the job correctly now, you can save yourself hard work, time, and money later. To that end, make a lasting investment in your home’s aesthetics and longevity with a proven and durable paint. Consider elastomeric paint for your exterior painting needs.

A Bay Area residential painting service can apply elastomeric paint on a variety of surfaces, including stucco, masonry, and concrete. In general, you only need to apply two coats to effectively cover an exterior and mask existing cracks and small voids. Since it’s a water-based acrylic paint, elastomeric will also work well with masonry, and you should experience fewer cracking problems than you would with acrylic based paints.

Before applying an elastomeric paint or primer, make sure any old surfaces have been power washed and thoroughly cleaned and treated. Ask your painting contractor about which paints would be most appropriate for your needs. You can find matte and satin finishes in a variety of neutral, exterior-friendly colors.

The upfront cost of using elastomeric paint may make some homeowners balk; it is more expensive than traditional paint choices. However, it can also outlast most other types of exterior paint by years. Plus, if you live in a humid environment or you need to upgrade your masonry, this paint can provide superior weather resistance and durability over time.

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